Sunday 4 August 2019

More ranty tanty

Predictably...I am getting flak about my racism.

Long time readers of my blog probably understand that I often write from a somewhat polemical and satirical position. A sort of self pitying working class angst.

I knew when I published what I wrote this morning there would be swoons of horror from certain personalities given to performative allyship. I hope those having a go at me are also listening to what your president says and are giving him the same sort of negative feedback. Have you sweet violets thought of sending some negative feedback to China? So easy to criticise me, though I'm just feebly lashing out from my position of powerlessness.

Instagram asked me to provide my "authorised version'" of the garments the chinks have stolen. I guess the whole concept of industrial mass production is so pervasive they can't get their heads around the concept that some idiot really makes only ONE of a thing. That if I publish a picture of a garment I've made it really is the one and only version of it in all existence and if there any photos of it they have to be mine because there is only one of that thing that can be pictured.

Since I wrote this morning I've discovered a 6th original garment of mine being mass manufactured by chinamen and offered for sale on social media.

Perhaps the women accusing me of racism think I should just politely shrug? I asked one them how she'd feel if her home was robbed and one of the robbers tripped over a mat and grazed their knee. Would she rush to apologise?....put a sticky plaster on it and kiss them better?

Yes, I am embarassingly futile and childish to resort to publishing racist insults. But think about it....your president sprays racist venom and half your nation agrees and will vote for him in the next election.

Not respecting copyright isn't just a problem for me. It is a problem for the chinese too. Lacking this very significant social contract in their own culture leads to a dog eat dog mentality. A free for all snatch and grab mindset that represses creative thinking.

How do we feel about the tens of thousands of chinese employed by the chinese govt to cyber attack the USA every day? Working on plotting to steal industrial and military secrets from every country in the world? How do you feel about the chinese tech company Huawei implanting secret chips in your software to get  access to all the data on your devices? Seeding social media with the same kind of reactionary political lies that Russia does?

Ohhhh....just don't be racist!!! shock! horror! Don't mention they have slitty eyes! (which I think are very attractive in reality, and mine own have become rather slitty due to the top lid having sagged with old age)

How about you direct your outrage where its deserved and allow me to have my childish tantys?

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