Friday 29 May 2015

Free Willara pattern is a hotcake!

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Oh Boy! theres been such an amazing response to the Willara pdf pattern giveaway in just half a day - get em while they're HOT gals!

Nearly a 100 snatched off the shelf already!

I'll be cocking my ear to the wind and expecting to hear the hum of sewing machines all around the world this weekend.

To give some added incentive to get treadling I'll give the first person to send me a picture of themself wearing a finished Willara top or dress the choice of another free pattern from my other 3 designs.

....and whoever is first to post a review with pictures on their blog will be gifted all 3 patterns!

Who plans to make a Willara this weekend?

Willara top from the free pattern. This fabric is "Palimpsest in Grey" and for sale in the online Boho Banjo Cloth shop

Thursday 28 May 2015

Willara pattern published

I've had a terrific response from so many readers wanting to get the Willara pattern.

You are all very welcome!

I would love to see what people create so please send me pictures and I'll share them. Also feel welcome to write a  review of your opinion/experience using the pattern and publish on your own blog if you wish - not forgetting to let me know so I can benefit from your feedback and enjoy the pictures too.

The pattern will be a free download for one month - until the end of June 2015, then it'll revert to being for sale in my online shop for US$10.

At the moment all you need to do to get it is click on either of the icons on the top right side of the blog sidebar - just next to where you're reading this. Either link will take you to one of my 2 online shops (Shopify and Kollabora) where you'll see the 3 other patterns I've created - Zelda, Judith Suite and Adeline.

Find the Willara feature page and select the download button and the zipped file could take up to a minute to be downloaded into your computer. When the Adobe file is opened there's a selection to print any of these separately - the cover page, the 13 page making instructions, the 40 tile pdf pattern or the 2xAO page files.

The pdf pattern will print at home on 40 pages that'll then need to be trimmed and taped together. Alternately there is a file for printing the actual size pattern on AO pages (approx 120 x180cm) To do this transfer the files to a memory stick and take to a copy shop for printing. In Australia Officeworks  does this at $4 a page. As there are 2 pages the total cost will be $8. The files can also be emailed to your nearest Officeworks store from their website dedicated to this service and picked up for no extra cost. I wouldn't recommend getting them mailed as the one time I did it cost over $30 as they are rolled in a large mailing tube!

I do hope everyone will enjoy making up the garment and I look forward to getting feedback - please!

Tuesday 26 May 2015

new pattern Willara

Very close to finishing the Willara pattern for publication, definitely by this weekend..This is the cover page just finished a moment ago. 

Cover page of Willara pattern

It will be a free download for one month then is for sale at $10.