Tuesday 15 January 2013

Ava wears a gorgeous yoke

Not much time to spend in the studio lately so Ava has been progressing slowly. Its probably the biggest canvas I've done and I'm doing a lot of very dense machine embroidery on the surface so it could be another week to get finished yet. I also want to do a rather fancy back frame with some painting on the inset border area so it could likely take the rest of the month.

I've renamed the work "Ava wears a gorgeous yoke" and added some decoration to the neck. The "yoke" is embroidered and appliqued and stitched onto the canvas. The piece hanging in the cleavage is a little bead motif I made a few years ago.

I'm considering entering the work into the Muswellbrook Art Prize if I get it finished in time.

Rodney and I are looking forward to doing a 2-day art workshop starting tomorrow. Our local Arts Council is hosting the very accomplished artist Suzanne Archer to teach a drawing workshop. This will be way, way out of my usual comfort zone as an artist!!!

Su is almost diametrically opposite to me in her mediums and aesthetics. We will be working on paper with black mediums - charcoal and ink.....eeeeek!! no colour! Tonal washes - no opaque paints...it will be still life subject matter such as bones, skulls and other objects and we will be encouraged to work large scale!

I'm already feeling a little daunted.....