Sunday 24 June 2012

Hand stencilled book covers

The next part of my guidelines for stencilling will come out soon. I've been working all week on writing up the instructions and taking pictures to include. Along the way I designed and made these book covers to show other ways that the stencilled fabrics can be used.

Book covers made from hand stencilled fabrics
the "Dream" book opened out
the "Frida" book opened out

When folded closed the lower book measures 18x25xm and the green covered book behind it is 23x31cm. The larger cover slips onto a standard spiral bound A4 size visual art diary. For the smaller book I made some holes in the spine and used a bunch of fibres to tie in some blank cartridge paper pages. Inside the covers of both books I stamped fabric and sewed them on to form pockets that hold loose papers and pens.

book opened out showing pockets to hold papers and pencils

I'm going to offer the pattern and instructions for making the book covers as a download for $12.

Alternately you may purchase the design as a kit which contains - written instructions (same as available for download) PLUS 2 pieces of my hand printed stencilled fabric, fabric for lining, a handmade closure button and stamped fabric pieces for the outside motifs and inside pockets.

I will offer the kit in 4 colour themes : 1)  black, white, ochre (like the "Frida" book shown above)
                                                         2)  Brights with green and red (like the "Dream" book shown above)
                                                         3)  Brights with pink and purple
                                                         4)  Darks with orange and turquoise

Including postage within Australia this kit will be $39. For any country outside Australia add $6.

To purchase either the pattern or kit you'll need to contact me via email at to arrange payment by Paypal and give me your postage details. I'm also happy to discuss alternate colour options for the kit if you have some special project in mind.