Wednesday 18 November 2015

Wrapt in Rocky

I'm very proud to announce that I've been asked to teach a class at "Wrapt in Rocky" in June-July 2016. Wrapt in Rocky is a 5 day arts workshop event in the city of Rockhampton, Queensland.

My class is "Bling my Cloth; 10 ways to make your textiles extraordinary" Students will spend the first few days of the workshop learning at least 10 techniques in fabric embellishment then be supported in the process of creating their own wearable garment.

I haven't taught any classes since 2008 through a self imposed need to just immerse myself in my own art. After this long break I'm bursting with excitement to share some great techniques I've been developing.

I've started a Pinterest board called "Wrapt in Rocky" to pin images of clothing styles and embellishment types that students will have the potential to achieve from what they learn in the class. Over the next 6 months I'll progressively add pictures of garments I've made with reference to how they were developed from specific techniques to be taught in the class. I hope that anyone who enrols in my Wrapt class or is considering it will join the board as a contributor so we can share ideas and it will help me adapt the lessons to suit what the students want to learn.

Today I'm showing my first completed project. This is a dress made featuring two fairly small swatches of embellishment measuring approximately 40x30cm each that were emphasised by adding lines of applique and machine embroidery stitches....

Swatch #1 above started out as fibres and fragments sewed on wash out solvy film. This was backed with the bright green cotton and more appliques were added.

Swatch #2 had a background of stenciling then over stitched with machine embroidery stitches, cords and appliques applied with free motion embroidery

The picture above shows some of the elements being combined in advance of sewing the garment together. Swatch #1 was cut into 4 triangles and swatch #2 was cut into 4 strips. Then I cut strips of the lime green fabric and another print to stitch along the sides of where the swatch pieces were appliqued on the garment....('ll have to take the class...!)

Heres detailed close ups and the finished garment

The dress bodice, with large applique from swatch #1 across the bust and a strips from swatch #2 horizontal around the midriff. Cords, buttons, reverse applique and machine embroidery stitches decorate the neckline

the skirt, with 2 triangles from swatch #1, cords and appliques. Strips from swatch #2 on the far left

the completed dress