Tuesday 6 August 2019

even the birds poop on me

I was sitting outside in the weak sunshine a few minutes ago preparing pictures to post on Instagram. It is the spot where I put out sunflower seed for the parrots every day and they were waiting impatiently in the branches of the tree above me. One of them got their message across very effectively when it pooped on the top of my head. I shall go buy a lottery ticket today, my ever optimistic husband assures me it is good luck.

Most of my readers know I can be a provocateur about various issues, so the experience of being pooped on is something I'm familiar with, usually on a metaphorical level.

He's another metaphorical story to reflect on. A womans partner is a violent man who beats her up. She calls him a "psychopathic bastard". Her friends are shocked and shun her on the basis of her appallingly heartless sneer at people with mental illness and because describing her partner as a bastard is untrue. His parents were legally married.

Well, for the interest of my dwindling followers (the non racists having flounced off to protect themselves from any contagion I might be spreading) here is a picture of the latest of my art clothes that has been stolen and reproduced by the chinese. It is the 6th garment to be stolen. It is nearly 2 weeks since I showed the Freda jacket and I'm waiting to see how long it takes before that is being reproduced too....

I am a bit bemused that the picture they are showing in the social media promotion is actually the back of the original garment, but they seem to have decided to make it the front. I wonder what the back is like? If anybody buys this please let me know. The lady who bought the original art to wear jacket lives in Sydney and recently came to one of my workshops at Muswellbrook Art Gallery. I wonder how she feels about her beautiful garment being mass produced and sold all over the world? I suppose it is a compliment to her superb taste that she bought the original for a mere Aus$225. Kind of like owning the original Van Gogh when the rest of the world can only buy cheapskate crap reproductions.

Somehow I still keep making stuff despite spending a lot of time ducking and weaving to avoid the poop bombs I invite to be flung at me because of my tendency to say nasty and unacceptable things about the names and physical characteristics of the people who are robbing my art.

Deciding to make a blog post this morning I was going to show my latest work in progress. The pictures were taken an hour ago but sometimes the internet is slow at putting them in my Photos folder and they haven't arrived there yet. I'll do that later today when the pictures can be accessed and talk about how in trying to protect myself from being faked I'm consciously working on changing the textile art I create.

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