Tuesday 27 November 2012


A couple of days ago Rodney and I started a new collaborative work. He did this face about 3 months ago. It was the last one he completed before our exhibition at Muswellbrook in August but I was so burned out by that time it didn't get developed into a canvas. So she has been pinned to a wall for months and looking accusingly at me ever since, begging to get contextualised into some exotic creature. I decided to call her "Valda" about 10 minutes ago and if nobody out there wants to suggest something more interesting....she will probably remain so!

"Valda", day 1
Valda, a few hours later

Above is a long shot a few hours later of the canvas on the easel showing how the image is starting to develop. I've done some stencilling, applique and machine embroidery embellishment around the shoulders by this stage. This long shot shows some of the "chaos" I work in, in my studio.

It will likely be a few weeks until this picture gets finished. I chipped a tooth last night and have an emergency appointment at the dentist on Friday. We are then in Newcastle for this Saturday, the 1st of December, at the "Art Bazaar", Civic Park. It would be wonderful to meet some of my readers! Come join Rodney and I  for coffee and see the art up close and personal....

Pearl Red Moon and Rodney Swansborough will be displaying a new series of artworks at the 2012 Summer Art Bazaar in the Civic Park in Newcastle.
Thousands of people attend this yearly bazaar, where artists from around the region display their creativity. This is a market not to be missed.