Friday 20 December 2013

All you need is wings

Hooray! last day at work then I have a couple of weeks off.

As ever, I'm trying to juggle a zillion creative projects. Still trying to build up the Boho Banjo stock to make a trip to Paddington Markets in January.

I've started to make a lovely mosiac benchtop in the bathroom, about a third of it completed. Doing that sort of fiddly collage is heavenly fun to me.

In between work, sewing and mosiacing (and because there is so much repeat crap on TV at this time of year) I whipped a little digital manipulation last night.....

..."All you need is wings" (and perhaps a dozen hands...?)

Rodney has me committed to stitching an annex we are making which attaches to the side of our van as we're going up to Queensland to camp out at the Woodford Folk Festival....a busy weekend coming up