Thursday 16 March 2017

astral journeys

Heres pictures of the first sample garment for what will be my next pattern.

Due to the surface applique of spots and rings it's called "Rings of Saturn"

first sample garment for "Rings of Saturn"

The electric colours of this version make it rather theatrical so the next samples will be toned down! For the next combination I'll use a lovely dark plum background with black appliques, and after that I'm thinking white on beige and grey on black....

Of course the design doesn't have to be made with the applique embellishment. It has 3 panels across the back and 5 across the front which makes it wonderfully fitting around the upper torso and flared below the waist. I did make another prototype before this with printed fabric in the middle and plain black at the sides. However as I then finessed the pattern to improve the fit it isn't quite exactly the same as this second sample.

side view of Rings of Saturn

back view of Rings of Saturn

When I publish the pattern, hopefully around the end of April, there'll be 3 Views to choose from. View 1 will have straight flared sides, View 2 has the curved out sides, as in this garment and View 3 will be how to make either version with a tutorial on doing the applique surface embellishment.

Today I really should have started on making that plum and black version of Saturn but I got pleasurably side tracked making the textile necklace shown with the dress.

textile necklace for Rings of Saturn

The necklace is a melange of knitting, crotcheting, machine embroidery, hand stitching and stenciled fabric with #6 green beads and black lava beads dangling along the bottom. It took me all day to make and costs a mere $75 if you want to buy this fabulous one of a kind piece of textile art!