Tuesday 6 October 2015

Get Stitched newsletter loosed to the wild...

HUZZAH! Get Stitched September (heh! a week late!) was sent out yesterday. Within minutes many were picking up the download for the instructions to make the "Pucker Up Pocket" It's in my pattern store for free for a few weeks - boho-banjo-art-to-wear.myshopify.com

I'm going off on a tangent for my next publication. As a textile artist I've always had a wide ranging interest in all the ways we wear cloth. Part of the reason the newsletter was late published was that I've been caught up my latest compelling obsession to make fabric adornments. And how very satisfying it is that I can justify my compulsion by planning to publish a book of patterns, designs and techniques for wearable adornments! The working title at present is "Boho Banjo cloth and fibre adornments" and the loose concept is to have 10-15? specific designs with step by instructions plus several chapters outlining lots of techniques for making parts as separate units that can be combined to make a finished piece of the makers own design.

Of course some samples have already been prepared but I'll hold off showing them for a while until the book is coming together in a more substantial way. Until then here are some pictures of beaded necklaces I've designed and made....but they are different from my design ideas for cloth adornments...

Beaded bracelets by Pearl Red Moon, 2013

Necklace of beaded beads by Pearl Red Moon, 2015

Necklace by Pearl Red Moon, 2012

mixed media necklace by Pearl Red Moon, 2015

The necklace above has some cloth components.....

What do you think? Do any of you make or wear cloth and fibre adornments?