Wednesday 17 October 2012

rumours of my demise have been exaggerated

Hi dear readers!

I'm back!

Rodney and I took a holiday for 8 days in Melbourne and we had a wonderful time. I've never spent any time there so it was all a revelation to me. I can understand why Melbourne forcefully maintains to have the "cultural" edge over Sydney. Discovering and exploring the "laneways" was a highpoint that involved many hours of intriguing exploration. Strangely enough, they rather reminded me of the backstreets of New Delhi, just not as winding and considerably cleaner (the lack of open running sewers is always an aesthetic and olfactory plus).

Another wondrous afternoon of exploration was our visit to the magnificent Botanic Gardens. The restoration of Guilfoyles Volcano has been a splendidly commendable addition to the garden. Rodney and I are both enthusiastic gardeners so we found this really exciting.


 Heres a few pictures, more to follow another day plus a little background history about this fabulous project.