Saturday 13 November 2021

Be careful what you wear

Emilia Bergoglio is a fan of Alok Vaid-Menon and his activism for the recognition of non binary gender identity. Emilia also identifies as non binary so Alok must obviously be one of the heroes she looks up to.

In the second part of her series Degendering Fashion published in Seamwork Magazine #77, April 2021 there is a picture of Alok Vaid-Menon published.

He looks sort of sweet and harmless in that picture.

Here are some more pictures of Alok Vaid-Menon and some of the ideology he stands for.

I have a lot of problems with Aloks gender identity ideology and his anti feminist ideas about women. I do not believe that Alok was ever a cute little girl that grew up to be neither man or woman.

I remain appalled that Seamwork Magazine published the series Degendering Fashion. 

And here is what the late great Magdalen Berns had to say about Alok.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Seamwork Magazine hates women

Frankly, I don't expect that this will ever get acknowledged but I sent this to Colette Media and Meg Stively, the editor of Seamwork Magazine, today.

If you strongly disagree about the views expressed in the Degendering Fashion series published in Seamwork then feel free to cut and paste anything I've said here and write to Colette Media.

Contact Colette Media

After being briefly reinstated to following Seamwork Magazine on Instagram I'm now blocked again.

I cancelled my subscription when it was up for renewal last month.


Murrurundi, Australia


Dear Colette Media

Re: Seamwork Magazine, Degendering Fashion, Meg Stively


I’m writing to express my deep concern for the 3 part series that was published in Seamwork Magazine issues #77, 78 and 79 called “Degendering Fashion” by Emilia Bergoglio.

I have been a subscriber to Seamwork magazine for 6 years and generally keep a low profile interacting as I’m a patternmaker selling my own range of PDF sewing patterns and didn’t want to seem as if I’m trying to gain attention to publicise my own product. I have always really liked the classic Seamwork designs and have bought about 18 patterns.

When it was promoted on Seamwork Instagram that the Degendering Fashion series was upcoming I was surprised. It seemed such a political stance that would likely polarise the views of women sewists in the community. I published some comments indicating my discomfort that were relayed to Meg Stively by somebody who felt my comments were “hate speech”. Within an hour she blocked me from commenting and deleted the comments made by myself and others. The person who Meg supported in banning me from Instagram then stalked me on my own Instagram over 2 weeks accusing me of being a transphobic bigot and was joined by several other trolls labelling me a hateful and vile person.

Being unable to share my views with others on Instagram to find out what they thought I wrote to Meg in her capacity as Seamwork Magazine editor 8 times over several months outlining my concerns about the views that were expressed in Degendering Fashion and also asking Meg to reinstate my access to Seamwork Instagram. She allowed me to rejoin Instagram after 7 months

When my subscription came up for renewal a month ago I cancelled it.

I had numerous concerns with things that were written in Degendering Fashion. I wrote about my views extensively on my blog www.pearlredmoon which you can view here…

Most of the correspondence I exchanged with Meg is published there too. The blog posts cover several months and are interspersed with other blogs that aren’t about Seamwork.

Please note that in that March 2021 blog I was endeavouring to politely address Emilia by her preferred pronouns but since then I’ve completely revised my view about using pronouns. I now understand it as coerced language by a group of gender identity ideologues whose views that men can be women I am utterly and totally opposed to. Men aren’t women and nor can they become women regardless of hormones, surgeries, breast implants, wigs or stiletto heels.

Quite apart from the women shaming propaganda promoted in Degendering Fashion one of my greatest concerns was Emilia Bergoglio endorsing and describing the practise of breast binding. This is a very dangerous and potentially physically damaging practise. It is usually carried out by women who have a mental health condition known as body dysmorphia which leads them to feel distressed by their breasts because they would rather be male. Emilia doesn’t even feel comfortable about the word breast, she demands that everybody use the word “chest” instead, for her comfort and validation.

Breast binding inhibits the normal development of breast tissue or flattens out mature breasts. The discomfort and pain caused is the least of the potential problems. It can cause ribs or the entire ribcage to be malformed if started young enough. It can cause the nipples to become infested and even atrophy and fall off.

I hope that Seamwork Magazine will publish a clear statement that Colette Media does not endorse or support breast binding and urge all readers to understand it is a very dangerous practise.


Yours sincerely
Pearl Red Moon

Monday 8 November 2021

Trans: Hitler responds to #GenderWooWoo

Have your drip pads handy, there will be liquids exploding.

This from Graham Linehan. Follow him on Substack at The Glinner Update

Sunday 7 November 2021

Small people with enormous righteousness


Well there you go people. I've been shut down on Instagram already. I posted the pictures below a couple of days ago.

These are 2 teeshirts I recently bought. The acronym TERF on the pink shirt stands for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

These shirts and the words printed on them are considered by a small number of people to be HATE SPEECH. On that basis somebody reported my account to Instagram and had me shut down.

Just prior to my silencing somebody called @moon_child_jla posted a rather pompous comment saying my words, actions and philosophy are problematic. Then she immediately blocked me so I couldn't reply to her. What a hero! The reason she didn't want to hear back is because there is no defense for believing a man is a woman just because he says so. 

A week ago in London, outside a Feminist conference a mtf Trans Rights Activist held a placard saying "S#ck my dick, you transphobic c**nts". That is the level solidarity and love that that transwoman has for women, probably shared with his mates. 

Women who defend the right of these privileged, entitled whining dick owners are equally without integrity. @moon_child_jla you should be ashamed to sell out your sisters to defend in men in dresses yelling through a megaphone that we must suck their dicks.