Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wrapt in Rocky not far away

Last year I wrote about "Wrapt in Rocky" an art event that I'll be teaching at during 26th July - 2nd June. Theres only a few weeks left to book a place either in my class or in one of the other 11 fantastic choices on offer. The classes at Wrapt in Rocky are 5 days so this is a wonderful opportunity to really immerse yourself in learning new skills and techniques in the presence of the talented tutor of your choice and surrounded by other enthusiastic student artisans.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to show you some of the skills and projects you could learn in my class. My class is called "Bling your Cloth" and I'll be teaching the variety of techniques I combine to create a piece of art cloth.....

This is a skirt I finished yesterday. Its just called "Libby's Skirt" after the customer who commissioned me to make it.

Front of Libbys Skirt
This is essentially a straight skirt that has an assymetric wrap overlay attached at the waistline.

The main decorative techniques I'ved used are applique, stenclling, machine embroidery and hand stitching. It took about 12 hours to make it.

front view of Libbys skirt shows how the overlay is a flap that closes across the midriff at the top right of the waist

The overlay wraps right around the skirt, lapping across the front and closing with a button and loop at the right side waistband. There is no zipper, but a vent that is open on the left side under the flap.

closure of the flap at the right waistband. I've made those cute budgie buttons and they're for sale in my Etsy shop.

back of Libbys Skirt showing the front flap opened out, the slit along the hemline is actually the side seam

back view of Libbys Skirt
a close up of the decorative work across the front flap. The loop at the top can close on any of the 4 buttons on the right side

I'd love to meet you at Wrapt in Rocky and show you how to make a garment like this.

More tantalising creations will be featured in the next few days.

Footnote... in my last blog I showed the "Byzantium Treasure" necklace and said I'd be giving away 3 kits. I still intend to do that in the near future when I can get enough time away from the multiple other pressing priorities...!