Saturday 10 June 2017

good stuff and bad stuff....

Heres some items I've finally got around to listing in my Etsy shop...and a photo of another pile of stuff which is about half of the other things I haven't gotten around to listing.

These new pieces show images arising from my usual interest in the female figurative. They are all taken from early to mid European paintings (C15 - 16th) I'm really enjoying cutting, fabricating and patinating the brass and copper metal parts of the pendants.

If you want to see other views and prices of any of these necklaces click on the Etsy shop
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Some of the numerous pieces that haven't been listed in the Etsy shop
A postscript moan....
I get really frustrated that by the time each item is photographed, the pictures downloaded and edited, then a detailed description written and all the information uploaded to the internet store it adds at least an hour to the making time for each item. For a low price item, like earrings priced at $20 or less, this makes it ridiculously un-economic to list them.....
.....then I start to beat myself up about how I can only lead this life where I have the privilege of not having to do a "work activity" that brings in sufficient income to pay for my living expenses because this happy life artmaking in the studio is only facilitated by a generous and supportive husband. Sometimes I can just count my blessings that this is the fortunate situation I'm in but when there are long spells of not making any sales from my studio or Etsy shop I get feeling anxious and guilty about this dependence.

Monday 5 June 2017

Castaway to Couture

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a blog and heard about an intriguing competition. It sparked my interest because the brief was to recreate a new wearable garment by recycling 1,2 or 3 second hand garments. As an enthusiastic supporter of my local St Vincent de Paul I often buy interesting used clothes to re-make. During this Winter I'd collected a 100% wool mans jumper with a great ethnic abstract pattern and and put it aside just for this purpose.

I only heard about the "Castaway to Couture"competition 4 days before it was due to close so I had to work fast. Here are pictures of the jacket I made from the mans jumper plus 2 knit t-shirts.

You can go to the Australian Sewing Guild website and see the other entrants and vote for your favourite up-cycle at this link