Monday 1 June 2015

What pattern next?

I love pattern making. Every time I go into the studio I'm enthused to make a new pattern. However the reality is it takes weeks/months to develop a new design from prototype garment sample to finished pattern with graded sizes and written and illustrated instructions. The first pattern I published 10 months ago - the "Zelda" Top - took about 3 months from start to finish because I was also learning how to use the programs Adobe Illustrator and Indesign for publishing in digital format. Each pattern since then has taken less and less time as my skills improved.

But I still have at least 30 unpublished patterns in my workroom and have to fend off the desire to make a new one every day....

As I build up a catalogue of pdf patterns I'm not sure if I should plan to offer a variety of styles - dresses, separates, pants, jackets, coats, etc...? I'm aware as a designer I have a strong personal preference for dresses and tunics. I find trousers the least exciting thing to design.

So considering what to choose for the next pattern to publish I'm torn between what I'm drawn to and the theory of keeping a "balanced variety" of designs in the catalogue.....

Here's pictures of a top (Emerald) and a tunic (Scarlet) which are the designs I'd like to start working on...

"Emerald" top  front on the left side falls to a point

Emerald back, nicely draping to each side
Emerald top, showing that looping drape on the right side

Or how about this tunic called "Scarlet" - this example made in one of textile designs

Scarlet, the front

Scarlet, from the side, the back is a block colour

What I think I should do for "balance" in the catalogue is this skirt called "Ellice". There is only this one sample at the moment and this isn't a great picture for showing the fabulous way it drapes...

The "Ellice" skirt

So do people look for a wide variety of styles in designer catalogues?  Do you go to your favourite indie designers wanting a wide variety of styles? Would readers like to encourage me to do any of the designs above for the next publication?

I took these pictures in front of "Stone and Co" which is a marvellous shop just one door away from my shop studio on the New England Highway. It is chock full of glorious vintage homewares and beautifully restored furniture,