Friday 17 July 2015

learned something new!

The new pattern "Ellice Skirt and Trousers" has been published. Its in the shop for $15, or you might like to sign up for the Boho Banjo newsletter due out at the end of this month to get the 25% off discount voucher...?
Cover of pdf sewing pattern "Ellice Skirt and Trousers"

If you're too impatient to wait for the $3.75 discount the store link is on the right side bar next to this sentence...

I was doing one of my favourite relaxations last night and pinning to my Pinterest boards - - when I discovered that the style of "trousers" I designed for the Ellice pattern is called a "sarouel"! Honestly I didn't know that, though I've been a patternmaker for over 30! still something new to learn every day! Sarouel trousers don't have the conventional crotch seam join of western style pants. I hope the technical illustration I put on the cover illustrates this sufficiently...otherwise, I'm wondering whether I should re-publish the instructions including the word "sarouel" in the description? But on the other hand how many people know that word and know what it means, anyway? until last night I'd been blissfully ignorant of it for 55 years....any thoughts on that dear readers?

Ellice "sarouel" style trousers, technical drawing

Apart from starting to write up the articles for the inaugural issue of Boho Banjo art to wear newsletter some other little projects are coming to fruition soon too...

Watch out for my blog post contribution over at the Curvy Sewing Collective to be published on July 21st, or 22nd if you're in the Southern Hemisphere. Its called "I love Lagenlook" and I don't think that needs too much more explanation!

The day before that on July 20th, or the 21st if you'e up the top of the globe, will be part 1 of a free tutorial on Once upon a sewing machine for this pojagi inspired vest I created. Pojagi is a traditional Korean style of patchwork. The second part of the tutorial and pattern will happen on the 29th. I've got pictures of more versions to show in the next few days.

"Patchwork Polly vest" is a free online tutorial class in 2 parts, starting July 21st at
the blog onceuponasewingmachine

I'll have to blog again soon as there is more news to tell  and pictures to show yet.....meantime I'm off to treadle away in my one woman sweatshop...haha - though its Winter and below zero temperature today and actually snowing on the high ridges around Murrurundi, which only happens here about every 2-3 decades