Wednesday 6 May 2015

How my garden grows

Winter is quickly coming upon us in the Southern Hemisphere and we have already started lighting a fire in the lounge room for the evening to keep warm. There is a little spell after the Summer heat and dryness before the true Winter cold sets in when the garden is lovely. The recent heavy rains that flooded many coastal areas of New South Wales last month were very much kinder to the regions further inland. In Murrurundi we had some welcome drenching rain and the garden sprung back to life. It has been a pleasant sunny morning and here's some pictures I took of the's been really hard to try to cull them down to just a few of the best views!

Rodney and I were married on this brick dias in 2011

Shade cloths keep the worst of the Summer heat off the pond beneath

walk down to the gazebo

Rodney installed this new fibreglass pond a few weeks ago.

My garden studio

Bali style bamboo gazebo

Rodney putting the new pond in

This AngelTrumpet Tree (Brugmansia) was determined to make its first flower truly huge and spectacular . The flower would have been dragging on the ground if it wasn't planted in a pot where it could droop over!