Tuesday 24 August 2021

Goodbye, but not the end....

 This blog may became relatively inactive in the future. 

I started writing it in 2008 and it will always be a valued archive. In many ways like a public diary that has been shared with others.

the back of my home, August 2021

Pictures of my textile art garments that I've shown here started getting appropriated by the China based mass manufacturing company ChicV International over 3 years ago. Since then they have illegally placed images of 15 of my creations in their online shops pretending it is the item they sell. I have no idea how many people bought these items and were defrauded. I have no idea how much profit ChicV has made made through the theft of my intellectual labour. 

It was an extremely traumatising event in my life, and I still feel the effects of it every day. Even as I write this I still see advertisements scrolling by on social media with pictures of my work, being sold by ChicV. 

Many months were given over to making complaints to Facebook, Instagram and Paypal demanding they recognise and protect my copyright. All that effort was an absolute waste of time, I was ignored or deflected. As an artisan, working and producing my art entirely from my own labour and imagination, I am insignificant and powerless. Though many people - the Australian politicians I wrote too, arts organisations, copyright lawyers - acknowledged that my situation was unequivocably an illegal infringement of copyright, no one could act on my behalf because of the complexities of enforcing copyright on The Peoples Republic of China.


Some of the stuff I wrote here in the last few years has gotten me into big time trouble. At this point I've never significantly edited or deleted anything I've written. Some things could have been expressed more tactfully, but on the whole I have no regrets or apologies to make. I'll stand by it all and if that changes in the future I'll say that in public too.

I am still a big mouth bombasting all over the place. I deleted my first Instagram account after less than a year having gotten into too much trouble. I took a month out trying to better educate myself on how Instagram works. 

Then I started up again.

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Pearl Moon: by the light of the Moon

Patreon is a safe place where I can discuss my objectionable points of view around art, feminism and politics. As an artist I have never been able to separate my personal from my politics. I am fundamentally unable to make myself a compliant unit of capitalism. 

On my Patreon I intend to work toward providing a balance of sacred and profane, frivolity and profound. 

But you can look forward to this sort of fare getting mixed up with sewing, food, housekeeping, gardening, sustainability, etc…

Everything to do with being a woman getting through the day in the 2020s.