Friday 21 February 2020

Thursday 20 February 2020

Nirvana is blue polka dots

Though I'm reluctant to show any more of my art to wear on this blog into the future feels like throwing my house open and inviting the thieves in to help themselves...
I really love this coat that will be in my exhibition next month and wanted to share it with people who appreciate textile art.

"Nirvana is blue polka dots" coat by Pearl Red Moon 2020

Like all the coats in the exhibition this one is made entirely from thrifted and used fabrics. I only bought the fantastic blue polka dot cotton seersucker from the thrift shop at Aberdeen 3 days ago. It was a donated textile remnant, about 2.5m, costing $2. I had made the fairly intricate patchwork piece with the emerald/grey/red from polyester cotton sheets about a month ago. As sometimes happens I got stuck with where to go next and set it aside.

upper left front of "Nirvana is blue polka dots"

close up detail of large patchwork section on the lower back of the coat

back of "Nirvana is blue polka dots"

I hope some people will come to the official opening of "Thirty Coats" on Friday 13th March at Newcastle Art Space, 6 pm. I'm greatly honoured to have Anne Kempton, the owner of Timeless Textiles Gallery, give the opening speech.

There will be 28 more spectacular coats along with the 2 shown here today. Also, they are all amazingly affordable if you actually want to buy and wear one these pieces! Prices will be between a mere Aus$200 to $500! (though of course, if you wait a month, you'll probably be able to buy a crappy ChicV fake ripoff for US$48)

Be kind to Aspies, we struggle...
This morning I heard from somebody who recently purchased the Sencha Kimono PDF pattern and she wrote to me with some kind comments about her interest to read about my one sided debate where I refuted the contention that using "kimono" was an offensive appropriation. As all that happened about 6 months ago I was surprised to still feel so emotional that remembering made me cry. I am quite prepared to acknowledge that my position may have been wrong(?) - that is why I wanted to talk about it!!!! - but what really hurts is the way all the people who publicly called for making it an issue of action and recognition not only totally ignored my desire to discuss - I was actively censored and ejected from various FB groups, blogs and Instagram followings. Even called a troll and a racist. As an Aspergers person who has been regularly bullied in workplaces when I query stuff it just confirms that withdrawing to my default comfort zone of non-communication with NTs is the safest place to be. 
I remain baffled why questioning was such an outrage....