Wednesday 27 February 2019

Murra Coat finished, part 4

I finished the Murra Coat a couple of days ago and here are the pictures. Adding the front bands makes such a difference.

front of the finished Murra Coat
various pieces laid out to patch together for the bands

Above is a picture of the bands laid out on my worktable before they were attached to the jacket. They are simply long rectangular strips. I pieced together several pieces of the various fabrics and stencil prints to maintain the patched together consistent look of the coat.

As you can see from the picture above the finished length is almost to the knee on me. I'm 165cm(5' 6") tall. I made the longest length and the largest size XL options of the Wiksten Haori Jacket
When I cut the back of the jacket I was amazed how LARGE it seemed and felt sure it would be way too big for me...However, I was mortified to discover it fits very well on me! How big is my bum! The fit is loose but just right for wearing over layers of clothes underneath.

Just a reminder that this coat is made ENTIRELY from thrifted, upcycled fabrics. If I hadn't collected them they would have soon ended up in landfill or in the bags of rags that Vinnies provide to tradespeople (and then into the waste stream soaked with paint, oil or other chemical). Its hard to estimate a very precise cost of the materials that were used. For example I only used 1/3rd of the fabric salvaged from the $6 doona cover used for the coat lining. About 2/3rds of the tapestry cotton table runner which is the lower back of the coat was used, the runner cost $2. The square embroidered indian cushion cover forming the centre back cost $1. The table runner used for the left side front and in various other places was a set of 2 and only about 3/4 of one runner was used, the set cost a $1. Other pieces of vintage upholstery fabrics were patches cut from a big bundle of 7-8 pieces bought for $5. One of those pieces was more than 2 metres, the total meterage of all the fabrics in the original bundle would have been more than 10. A few months ago I blogged with pictures of one of my Zambeesi Jackets where you can see some of the same fabrics have been used. The best I can estimate the materials used to make this coat would have cost is around $12 - $15.

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