Wednesday 20 June 2018

R I P Eurydice Dixon

What can be said about the horror act of violence that ended the life of Eurydice Dixon....? I try to muster my thoughts to say something worthwhile, avoid the trite platitudes....

I turn to one of my favoured feminist commentators and as ever Clementine delivers a punch without the velvet glove

I've been watching the downfall of Weinstein and many of his ilk with great satisfaction. Huzzah the #MeToo movement

As for Eurydice Dixon, the town I live in is tiny so joining the nationwide vigil 2 nights ago would have been a singularly lonely tribute out in the cold and rain. So put that notice on my shopfront.

I will also share 1989 I was abducted by 3 men and raped. One claimed he had a knife (after the trial I found he was on parole for wounding his wife on the neck with a knife. A fact that couldn't be revealed during the trial) I didn't want to test that by resisting too aggressively. I managed to escape after the first man completed his assault.

The main perpetrator was caught 5 years later when stopped at the roadside for a routine alcohol test. The case went to jury trial 18 months later. The trial lasted a week and was incredibly traumatic. All the usual aspersions were made - were people drunk? what was I wearing? How high were the heels of my shoes? My underpants were displayed in court (they'd been kept for forensic testing) It was asserted I still enjoyed wearing the clothes I'd worn on the night of the rape (total lie, all my clothes had been kept for forensic testing and never returned). I won't go on. It was a horrendous experience.

The perpetrator got 3 and half years in jail and a bit more for breaking the good behaviour terms of his parole for the assault he'd done to his wife.

I wish I could say this is the only or worst violence I've experienced from men.....but, sadly, not....