Tuesday 13 August 2019

up for grabs

In the midst of all the angst and ranting and raving over the copyright violations of the Chinese mass manufacturing fraud clothing business ChicV.... there was a parcel of fabric delivered to my post box this morning that bought a glimmer of joy back into my life, momentarily.

On the right side panel of this blog there is a link to my Spoonflower fabric shop which sells fabric I've designed. It is the 4th one down.

One of the fabrics in that shop is this

Green dress, red roses

So if you were fancying to buy this jacket made by me, circled in the picture above featured in the online shop of fraudsters Modarie.com, but want as close to the real thing as possible - not the hideous crappy fake the Chinese will substitute - this is what to do.

*  Buy 1.8 metres or 2 yards of the fabric print "Green dress, red roses" from my Spoonflower shop. For the jacket I made I used cotton sateen. But you could use the cheapest cotton fabric or even velvet or silk for a really luxurious version.

*  Buy my PDF sewing pattern the "Marama Coat". This is the pattern I used. I made a version without the pockets on the left front. The very same coat picture stolen by Modarie.com is one of the sample garments shown in the promotional images for the coat pattern.

Marama Coat

Sales of fabric from my Spoonflower shop are miniscule. I maintain it so that every now and then I can get some fabric printed with images I make in Photoshop. There is a trickle of sales sufficient that after a year or 2 enough commission $$$ accumulates to buy perhaps 5-6 metres of my own designs or from other designers there.

Three weeks ago I designed these 2 prints and they arrived in the mail today!

Faded Japan

Nippon postcard fabric 

I can't say I'm excited to show what I've been planning to make, because I'm most definitely not. The idea of publishing any more pictures of my art on this blog fills me with dread from now on. It has become a lolly shop for smash and grab thieves.

Going into the future I'm going to have to publish very low resolution pictures of my work with big copyright claims written over them. This may or may not protect me from having photos appropriated. Very clever people with no ethics who have run out of grandmothers to sell and are hungry for easy money can still find ways to rob you.