Saturday 24 May 2014

Tessuti Competition

Today I sent off pictures of two garments I designed for a sewing competition. The fabric shop Tessuti sponsors an annual competition where you can make anything you choose, but everybody has to use the same fabric. The  fabric offered was a knit in either a black/white or beige/white stripe. I decided to go with the beige because it would be more challenging for me to work with.

The Tessuti fabric shop has outlets in Melbourne and Sydney, according to their website, but I have only ever made purchases from their online shop. They have a wonderful range of fabrics and the service is very prompt.   go to the Jaywalk competition to see the entries

I really hate being photographed, so this is likely the only time you'll ever see me modelling my own designs in a picture! It was a condition of entry that the garment had to be photographed on a person.

Trinity tunic, showing fullness and cut

back of Veronica tunic, the cut is the same at the front, just a lower neckline

Trinity tunic

Veronica tunic, sleeveless but shown worn over a top

Tuesday 20 May 2014

Rhonda's Creative Life: Monday Morning Inspiration

Rhonda's Creative Life: Monday Morning Inspiration

Posting this link to a blog I follow. These are truly awesome creations by iconic designer Issey Miyake.

design by Issey Miyake, 2014