Saturday 10 August 2019

Stop scammers ChicV

I am sitting here for the 4th day in a row making yet another complaint about copyright infringement. I am coming to the conclusion that platforms like Paypal and Shopify are in cahoots with the chinese robbers. They do everything they can to stall claims and lead you up the wrong garden paths. The longer they delay having to shut down these online scams the more money they really, why care? Why shoot the golden goose laying the golden eggs?

After filling out everything that was required in their form for making a claim for copyright infringement to Shopify they got back to me saying it isn't enough and do it again. How about changing your form to accurately reflect what is really needed? This is just a delaying and deflecting tactic. I am re-filing my claims in great detail again and planning to sue them $1000 a day per photograph for every day they facilitate these crooks to sell their fakes.

So, another day collecting screenshots, images and URLs from and I discover this 8th garment of mine being stolen by them that has appeared in the last 24 hours. The pictures they have appropriated are the ones I took when staying at my sister in laws home 8 weeks ago, where I sewed this. This is her french doors in the background. 3 weeks later this very same coat, which I call "Coat for the Recalcitrant Bohemian Princess" was the centrepiece of my exhibition at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, where thousands saw it over the period it was displayed for 6 weeks. This coat was most assuredly not purchased from and put on display in the Gallery with me fraudulently claiming it was my textile art.

There is a whole multitude of these scam online shops, possibly 100s that are infesting social media. They all sell the same products, or a mix that gets changed around every few weeks. 
They are all fronts for a single manufacturing business based in China. 

I know the name of that business now, it is registered in China as


Here is Facebook group dedicated to collecting complaints to get their fraud stopped

Stop ChicV

The duplication of popup shop names is a strategy to keep ahead of the complaints that shut down various shops as the complaints accumulate. For example, say Tusancat and Barbring have been operating for 3 months and as the first mailorders arrive and purchasers find they've been fleeced, some of them get mad enough to complain and want their money back. Their packages arrive without invoices, contact information or return addresses so they have to go back to whoever processed their payment to try to communicate with the fraud companies. That might be Paypal or their credit card company. Some complain to FB or Instagram trying to do the right thing to get these fraud businesses shut down. Facebook and Instagram do nothing, their defence always is that they just provide a technical platform for publishing.

However, the complaints mount up, choking their systems and eventually FB and Insta decide to stop hosting the fraud websites because cranky people are screaming and bad mouthing them in public....buuuut, in the meantime, Cocochic and Beautyshop and Lalagirl open up and start selling on social media, selling exactly the same products....and so the cycle goes on and on...

The only way we can pressure social media platforms to do the right thing and stop facilitating the fraudsters is to use our collective strength! Repost this on social media, make complaints, enter negative feedback  - SCAM ALERT!!! - when you see advertisements for these fraud shops come up on your Instagram and Facebook. Being horrible, pesky screaming bitches is the best way to get them to listen. Calm, sensible filing of reports will be disregarded. Every day I devote to trying to shut down this criminal enterprise I lose about $30 in average income. Every day the criminals keep their online fronts selling their fakes they are profitting about US$500,000 off the customers they defraud.

More actions you can take -  
Go here to Google and leave comment

Keep reporting the fraud shops coming up on your Insta feed. Right hand corner where the 3 dots are, click then report as scam. When FB writes back that they have reviewed your report they either say they took the site down or they say they didn't find anything wrong but they will hide it from your page, give them feedback that not seeing it isn't the problem its because you're outraged they are facilitating a criminal enterprise and explain what is happening. 

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