Tuesday 8 March 2016

Treasure to give away...

This is a new adornment called "the Byzantium Treasure"

Close up of the focal piece of the Byzantium Treasure

I'm surprised there isn't a lot more mixed media wearable art being made. I think the combination of materials makes strikingly beautiful decoration. Here we have metal, glass, cloth and stitching in a juxtaposition of mediums; putting together the <soft - hard> and <shiny reflective - matte, light absorbing> surfaces makes this an intriguing object, to me....

Three of the very well known mixed media adornment designers you might know are Ayala Bar from Israel, Odile Mandrette and Marie le bas Bleu, both from France (not sure whether the latter is a person or a brand...?)

On my Pinterest page "Adornments - fibre and cloth" I've collected hundreds of images of items I admire so if you'd like to see more here's a link to have a look -


If you like this necklace stay tuned for my next blog towards the end of this week as I'll be giving away 3 kits for the Byzantium Treasure!

I'd love to hear what you think so please post a comment....