Wednesday 23 August 2023

A close look at Wedding Gown and see it in San Francisco


This video was made the day before I went to Queensland for the Wearable Art Festival. It shows a close up detailed look at the surface of the garment.

Wedding Gown for a Woman to Marry Her Garden

After getting back from Queensland I packed up Wedding Gown and sent it to the United States. During the 7 weeks I had been expelled from the Wearable Art Festival I had been contacted by an art collector who bought the dress to show in an art exhibition in San Francisco in September. The exhibition is called

 A Nasty Piece of Work; The Art of Dissident Feminists

It opens on September 16th 2023 (open until October 15th) in conjunction with the Womens Declaration International conference. If you are interested to see it in reality check out the Saturday 16th schedule for the conference where the opening of the exhibition is advertised at 7.00pm.  Entry to the opening night comes with paid registration to attend the conference and the venue for the exhibtion is not currently being advertised due to concern for attracting anti womens rights protestors. After the WDI conference the exhibition will remain open for a few more weeks with viewing available by appointment.

My work will be represented along with these other women artists from around world who have all been cancelled and vilified in various ways for attempting to speak out about how womens rights and child safeguarding comes into conflict with trans gender ideology.

Laura Becker


Claudia Clare

Jess de Wahls

Melissa Gwyn

Laura Ichikawa

Rosie Kay

Sarah Vaci

Nina Paley

The Famous Artist Birdy Rose

Beverley Talbott

Last month I spoke in Brisbane at another Womens Declaration International seminar with these other redoubtable women. Moira Deeming is on the left of me, psychiatrist Jillian Spencer first to the right and Hobart City Councillor Louise Elliot to the far right. I'll publish a transcript of my talk on my Substack in a few days time.

Cosmic Pearl


Nolite te bastardes carborundorum

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