Wednesday 25 September 2013

New designs for Boho Banjo

I have a really hard time being patient....and this month has been testing me to the limit! So many things I'd like to be doing, making and getting under way. As from next week my (real job) working hours fall back to 16 a week, allowing me at least 2-3 more days for Boho Banjo. I will soon be launching the Boho Banjo etsy shop - by early next week I HOPE (or will surely explode with frustration!) - it has been a huge job to photograph all the clothes - front, back, close-ups, all the necessary angles - then upload each item to the shop with all the necessary descriptions and measurements. There are still about a dozen more items to add before that job is "done". After that it continues to be an ongoing task with each new item produced.

Heres some of my new creations....

"Pink Swirly Girly" shift, lace and ornate applique

detail of applique on Pink Swirly Girly

The top below is one of my "repurposed" designs. Its a recycled top which I've stencilled and added the lovely digitally altered image of Frida Kahlo 

"Terracotta Frida" repurposed knit top with stencilling and image