Thursday 15 June 2023

Tangled Webs She Wove

 My next exhibition of wearable art called “Tangled Webs She Wove” will be at 

Balmain Space 

opening Saturday 8th July and closing Sunday 23rd. The gallery is located at 79 Beattie St, Balmain, Sydney, Australia.

I will host 3x 2 hour classes on Sunday 9th/16th and Saturday 22nd July, from 1-3pm. If you wish to come along please contact Robin the curator, through Balmain Space Facebook page for more information and to book in. We will play with one of my most favourite techniques, stenciling onto cloth, cutting and patching it together and building up layers of embellishment with hand stitches.

Regarding my expulsion from the Australian Wearable Art Festival, 4 days ago I sent this email to them but haven't heard anything back at this point

Dear Wendy and Helen

Since receiving your email of June 4th saying AWAF did not intend to represent my work in the festival I haven’t replied back. However, if you’ve read the blog posts I’ve made over the last week I think you’ll appreciate the anger and hurt I feel.

In March when I was notified of being selected I wrote back indicating my concern that AWAF was aware of my public outspoken support for womens rights. Here is a quote from Wendys reply "I've been personally following you for a while and I am aware and have absolutely problems with your women's rights activism. Australian Wearable Art Festival is apolitical and we value each artist for their art - no problems. Thanks for the heads up about potential issues though. I will keep an eye out and deal with any comments as/if they arise."

Getting that acknowledgement was a huge relief to me and gave me confidence to go ahead with investing the time, energy and resources to develop my concept. To date, I’ve spent at minimum 60 hours working on “Wedding Gown for Woman to Marry Her Garden”.

I hope that AWAF will reconsider its decision to expel me as a finalist. I’m under the impression a number of people have contacted AWAF on social media saying they support me being in the festival, regardless of what my beliefs might be and to say they believe my expulsion was unfair. Many people have contacted me to say those things which leads me to feel I have significant support. Most Australians still believe ordinary people are entitled to hold beliefs that shouldn’t be the cause of getting discriminated against or result in having an opportunity withdrawn.

Though still not finished my garment is beautiful and I’m so proud of it. People who have seen it in progress in the studio are impressed. I hope we’ll be able to reconcile and that my artwork will be showcased on the runway along with the other finalists in August.

I look forward to hearing from you


Pearl Moon


At present I'm continuing to work on Wedding Gown for Woman To Marry Her Garden and the finished artwork will be on display as part of the Balmain Space exhibition. 

I have some amazing news I'm busting to tell about Wedding Gown but are bound by confidentiality at this point! All can be revealed sometime in the next week or 2!

Sometimes shit turns into compost which can grow something extrordinary.


Sunday 11 June 2023

Expelled from the Australian Wearable Art Festival, part 4

 I am grateful to internationally famous screenwriter Graham Linehan who has publicised my story on his Substack a few hours ago

JL on the Glinner Update

Graham Linehan is the much beloved creator of satirical sitcoms Father Ted, Black Books, The IT Crowd and much more. As a person in the arts he has also been vilified, deplatformed and regularly attacked for his defence of womens rights. Along with his Substack publication, The Glinner Update he has an irregular YouTube podcast called The Mess We’re In where he chats with with Irish feminist Helen Staniland and Canadian LGB activist Arty Morty.

If you’re wondering what the hell is going on in the world please check out and follow Grahams channels.

What has happened to me is part of a much larger story of how Australian women are being vilified and silenced when we try to talk about our concerns how the political agenda of Trans/Queer/Non Binary activists are regressing womens rights.

Below is a list of Australian women who are daily experiencing backlash from trans gender ideologues. Please google their names and follow their social media platforms to learn more and support them. These are some of the Australian women who are speaking out to stop our rights from being taken away and to uphold child safeguarding. We are not, and have never been “anti-trans”. Trans identifiers have rights, none of which they are being deprived of – it is their demand that women must give up the traditional and status quo rights and spaces that our female forbears fought for that we are questioning and resisting.

List of high profile womens rights activists in Australia

 Angie Jones, Kathryn Deves, Moira Deeming, Kirralie Smith, Stassja Frei, Sall Grover, Professor Holly Lawford Smith, Edie Wyatt, Janet Fraser, Rachel Wong, Jasmine Sussex, Anna Kerr, Jenny Kyng, Kat Karena, Nina Vallins

Womens Forum Australia   

Kirralie Smith, convener of Binary  

Sall Grover and Giggle crowdfunder

Thankyou to the people who contacted The Australian WearableArt Festival to give them feedback about my expulsion. I heard that the contact form on their website is now disabled. I think AWAF are hearing from people on their Facebook and Instagram social media but obviously negative comments are going to be moderated there too. Somebody observed that if you go to the “buy tickets” menu on their webpage there is a contact option there that still works. I am not seeking to be personally reinstated (cobblers chance) but hope you will let them know if you believe it is wrong and unfair to dump a woman artist who was selected on merit because they fear my belief that men can’t turn into women is going to cause upset to people who do believe that humans can change the sex they were born as.

It seems to me the Wearable Art Festival thought I was a lone woman with unusual and wrong opinions and that once discarded no one would notice or care. Perhaps they thought I would just go off quietly goosestepping into the sunset, feeling ashamed to be such an opinionated woman? (Vote Daniel Andrews out of govt, he who cynically slurred women speaking up for their rights as "nazis") In one of their emails to me they opined piously that I should reflect on my cancelings and deplatformings as to whether it was time to consider my opinions were wrong. Along with millions of women before me I am glad to be one those women who won't shut up, behave or stop making a fuss when there is justifiable cause. I think AWAF might be surprised to find out I am part of a vast international network of women and men who are actively resisting the incursions of Critical Social Justice Theory. Far from being alone and alienated I believe I am the mainstream.

My art has never been the least bit political. I’m not a post modernist and have never desired to plaster political slogans on my work. I am a woman textile artist working with the traditional mediums of women and interpreting textile embellishment in a contemporary paradigm. Until 6 years ago in all the decades of my art practise there was never any inclination to make public political statements. I kept personal my far left opinions and having voted Greens for 40 years as it had no relevance to my art making. It is only because I am truly alarmed that the ascendance of Critical Social Justice Theory is a massive threat to womens rights and the stable, successful flourishing of our democratic societies that I’m motivated to come forward wanting to talk with others who have the same concerns.

I am overjoyed to let readers know there are still curators and gallery owners that don’t bend over to accommodate the bullying and intimidation tactics of anti womens rights activists. My Sydney exhibition “Tangled Webs She Wove” will still be shown at Balmain Space located at 79 Beattie St, Balmain, opening on Friday July 8th

I intend to complete the wearable artwork that AWAF would have shown on the runway at the Gold Coast Festival – Wedding Gown for Woman to Marry Her Garden – and the finished garment will be on display in the gallery. 

You can also book to attend a 2 hour workshop on Sunday 9th/16th or Saturday 22nd July with me to learn some of my textile art technique. All welcome, including trans/queer/non binary, though I won’t use your preferred pronouns.