Saturday 19 November 2016

Adeline pattern makeover

A week ago I just released "End Point" which is my 11th PDF pattern since I started publishing my designs two and half years ago. I haven't yet officially announced End Point as I'm still working on grading it into a larger size range and will write that blog when that is completed in about a week. However, a few close observers have already purchased End Point....

In the meantime I was inspired to re-publish "Adeline" which was an early design released in 2014 because I realised the cover picture didn't do justice to what a fabulous garment this is. My technical skills with creating illustrations have improved vastly since the original clumsy effort. I also went through the instructions and tidied them up to make them more succinct....over the years of blog writing and pattern publishing I've been learning to curb my natural inclination to excessive verbiage...

Here is the cover of my new, improved version of Adeline

Adeline is now relisted in my Etsy and Shopify stores - see buttons on the right side panel of the blog if you want to get more information or buy.

A few months ago Rodney and I went up to the border of New South Wales to the lovely coastal town of Brunswick Heads to see the release of the "Createability" films. About 6 months ago(?) I mentioned in a blog post that I had been selected to feature in one of these 3 minute short films for ABC TV as I met the criteria of being a creative person with a disability. I'm ASD - on the Autistic Spectrum with Aspergers Syndrome. We have just heard that the 9 short films will be available on ABC iview next year and will soon be promoted on public ABCTV. Apparently I will be in a short cut for this TV promo....I am definitely a bit anxious that you will soon be seeing my face on national TV...please be kind!