Sunday 8 December 2013

at the HAN Xmas Market yesterday

Rodney and I set up the Boho Banjo marquee at the Hunter Arts Network (HAN) Christmas market in Civic Park, Newcastle yesterday. It was a glorious sunny day and the market was very well attended. There was a great selection of high quality arts and crafts on display. The HAN markets have a selection process for choosing traders for their superior quality of artisanship.

I had a fabulous day! Many thanks to all those who gave me positive, enthusiastic feedback and a big hug for all those who loved my garments so much they bought them! I came home feeling elated and with considerably less stock than was hung on the racks in the morning.

Boho Banjo marquee at HAN Market, Newcastle, December 7, 2013

observe our furry sales staff Oscar and Honey, lying down on the floor at the right, after an exhausting day charming the customers

I sold so much stock yesterday I've decided to postpone going to Paddington Market, probably until January 2014. I'll need 10-14 days sewing full time just to catch up to the quantity of stock I started out with yesterday.

We decided to go ahead with our booking for Mosman Market, in Sydney, next Thursday evening, December 12th.
Then Rodney will lock me into my little one woman sweatshop and not let me out until I've made at least another 20 items! (BTW, I call this a blissful confinement - not slavery!)