Monday 14 August 2023

Garden Wedding Gown in the Wearable Art Festival

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Pearl Red Moon Artist

I am banned from Instagram due to being a Gender Critical Feminist. If you search you may find my artefact account there, but I am locked out, meaning I have no control over it. Since March 2023 I've been unable to publish anything, nor can I delete it or start a new account. Meta decides who is allowed to use its platform and I've been expelled due to being designated a hate speaker, bigot and nazi. Nowadays this  can be considered a normal consequence for speaking your honest opinions or to defend womens rights. 

Over this weekend I had the immense delight of being able to present the garment I'd entered to the Australian Wearble Art Festival on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I had the great good fortune to have the most beautiful young woman volunteer to model the dress. Her name is Kinsey and she is on holiday from Taiwan on a working visa until later this year.

She was an awesome model and I'm so grateful to her for the wonderful way she presented it. Thankyou Kinsey! I hope you enjoyed the very special experience.

Over the next few days I'll show many more pictures and talk more about the wonderful festival.

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