Friday 19 July 2019

constructive things other than aggravating people

Have finally mostly gotten over my desire to be the most hated person of the Japanese.
The silence of the last week means I've been stitching. Three projects are on the go simultaneously and this A-line skirt was the first to be finished last night. 

front of upcycle skirt by Pearl Moon

It is made entirely from used clothes and fabrics bought at my local Vinnies. Patched, stenciled and stitched by me. Denim and cotton fabrics. It took 30 hours to make.

back of upcycle skirt by Pearl Moon

I'm not fond of zippers so I sewed dome tape into the side seam. The skirt is lined too.


The pictures above and below shows earlier stages of patching the textile together.

The ongoing work in progress for today is this used denim jacket that I'm adding many hand stitched and embroidered details to. This picture was taken after I'd sewed on the appliques and stenciled various areas before the hand stitched details. A lot has been done since this picture was taken a week ago. Will show the finished result in a couple of days.