Sunday 14 June 2015

A "pair" of what...?

I've started work on a new pattern - the Ellice Skirt and Trouser (or shall I call them "Pants"?... what is the difference!.., does anyone know and can it be explained? And carrying on in that vein of questioning....why, OH WHY!? is it a "pair" of pants of trousers? This has vexed me forever!)

The A line skirt is a staple of my wardrobe.

Ellice A line skirt

I'll outline the 5 main reasons why I love the A line skirt....

1. It is a flattering shape to any figure and especially to a wide midriff.

2. The most basic type of pattern for an A line skirt can require only 2 pieces - a front and a back - and is therefore a quick and easy sew

3. Ultra comfortable to wear

4. Easy maintenance, you can iron this garment in a minute and either hang it on a clip hanger or fold to store in a drawer and slip it on in seconds.

BIG #5 - the A line skirt is the perfect under garment to complement the "Lagenlook" or "Layered look". You don't want too much fabric bunched around the waist when putting over those outer layers of shirts, dresses or tunics and the A line is the perfect solution....

elasticated waistband of the Ellice skirt

The Ellice skirt is attached to a narrow basque and I used this design feature to add an exciting option by adding a long and draping peplum into that seam.

Ellice skirt with jersey knit peplum (Palimpsest in Mauve form my fabric range) over ponte knit underskirt

Ellice skirt with light under layer and bengaline peplum

Then....I made these fabulous wide leg trousers with a further twist to the pattern

Ellice trousers, worn with Willara top

the waistband of the Ellice trousers
I have a few more design twists to add...but do you think the Ellice pattern is already looking pretty fabulous?! I hope so!

I'd love to hear readers thoughts about the Ellice Skirt and Trousers