Friday 19 November 2021

The Wastrel Trans Minstrel Show


The Wastrel Trans Minstrel Show - aka Melbourne Fashion Week is over for 2021 in a triumphant explosion of tulle and sequins and us ordinary people can breathe a sigh of relief as the cleaners move in to sweep up the mountains of shedded glitter and clear the womens loo of discarded condoms.

Shame on Melbourne Fashion Week for all the womens fashion businesses and models who had their opportunities supplanted by the male poseurs who adopted trans or non binary identities. 

@melbfashweek would never acknowledge the existence of a hairy cave dweller like me, and nor would my lowly opinions be known to them, but I was hard pressed to find another image of a bloke in a dress featuring in subsequent images on Instagram after bagging them.(somebody responding to a comment I made on @melbfashweek jeered at me for being a craftsy farmers market wannabe)

The truly stylish who shop at Vinnies are glad to see the whole mincing display of mediocracy sashay back into the cupboard for another year. But without doubt the whole ghastly shebang will spring out of said cupboard next year for another discordant celebration of rampant consumerism. 

The festival of unsustainability and willful ignorance. Silly stuff for silly people. I'll be keeping a beady eye out for how many bearded blokes mince the catwalk in 2022.

And for those who still think they might they might be genuinely non binary heres 10 helpful tips

The Unicorn Test


A podcast from Radio National

Greenwashing, what to buy for Santas Birthday (if you must)

For education about the waste, unsustainability and lack of ethics in the fashion industry here is an excellent Australian activist to check out.

ClarePress, Wardrobe Crisis

I don’t share Clares optimism that things can or will change. In response to her discussing recent contributions to an international think tank for change in the fashion industry I wrote (italics added by me) 

I totally agree with your first sentence to the comma (she wrote: Sometimes it feels we talk too much & do too little, but actually how we communicate about #sustainability is super important) After that I see well intentioned, idealistic people trying to negotiate with a business model that is fundamentally incompatible with sustainability. My cynicism is such that I believe activists (for sustainability and ethics in the fast fashion business model) are simply being mined for more clever ways to maintain a pretense that the fashion industry cares. Just like ladies who ask patriarchy nicely not to be so mean to them I don’t believe anything effective can, or ever will be achieved asking fast fashion nicely to behave responsibly. My answer has been radical rebellion, you just stop participating in the system and don’t buy anything new. Though I have made my first exceptions for 3 years to buy 3 teeshirts reading – TERF, My Pronouns are Hea/Then and one that must be written in code as it us so terrible Instagram will ban me for saying it – tra(i)ns women are men.


This coat is a recent make by me. 100% upcycled fabrics consisting of tapestry table cloth runners, offcuts of upholstery fabrics, an embroidered cushion cover and doona covers.

The colour palette was inspired by this fabulous vintage embroidered cushion cover that was gifted to me by somebody who loves textiles.




One of the upsides of having recently dusted off my rusted 2nd wave feminist badge is diving back into reading my old rad feminist heroine Andrea Dworkin.

I’m dazzled that her literary oeuvre not only stands up to contemporary happenings in the world (trans gender identity ideology) but was really prescient.

Last Days at Hot Slit; the radical feminism of Andrea Dworkin


One of the reasons Dworkin became alienated from the clique of more popular late 2nd wave feminists was for her unrelenting damnation of how prostitution and pornography harms women. Not a very cool stance back then and hardly more so nowadays for women who feel shamed to be dismissed as prudes for not thinking that what gives men a stiffy isn’t necessarily the definition of the kind of great sex women lust after.

In 1995 I almost had the whole collection of Dworkins literary works but they ended up going to the tip during a house move. I tried to donate them to Vinnies but the ladies shook their heads dubiously at titles like “Woman Hating”, “Intercourse”, “Pornography” and “Our Blood”, probably in the fervent hope that the nice citizens of Kurri Kurri had no need for that kind of reading matter (and they must have been relieved I was leaving town). I look forward to collecting them all back again in digital format.

Not recommended 

Another little pamphlet I read lately was Alok Vaid-Menons little bit of pink fluffy propaganda

“Beyond the Gender Binary”.

At 64 pages it only takes an hour to read and you don’t need to have a vocabulary that has words with more than 6  letters in them.

It is essentially a sustained whine about how hard life has been for a femme gay boy. Nobody has been nice or very understanding, He has been laughed at, catcalled and shamed. Alok takes it all very hard and is infuriated at the unkindness of the world.

His whole tedious existence would have been easy to dismiss if he hadn’t taken out his revenge on the world by endorsing gender identity ideology.

The quotes surrounding Alok in the picture above were directed toward him by other trans identifying males.

Tuesday 16 November 2021

this hag is too subversive for Melbourne Fashion Week

I offended Melbourne Fashion Week with a post made a few hours ago that had to be removed. 

In their self congratulatory enthusiasm for their recent event they posted...

...I can't remember the exact words I reacted with but my offending post went something like this...

So now radical and inclusive defines men who are appropriating feminine styling and clothing. 

This is the new regressive.

Non binary is the new word for cross dresser.

I do not understand what is being claimed to be "diverse" or "inclusive" that is happening at Melbourne Fashion Week. 

What does that mean!? 

Men wearing dresses, makeup and high heels isn't displaying "diverse". It is cross dressing which men have been doing forever. It is same old, same old....nothing new, adventurous or wtf "diverse" means.....

Rather than a whole lot of inclusivity or diversity champions I saw cross dressing men basking in validation and getting the most prominent roles of the evening. I noticed women designers and their work getting less coverage having been eclipsed by the agenda of "inclusivity"...which in my opinion equals giving men more attention at the cost of less recognition for women.

Of course, this is all my personal speculation based on 62 years of experience living in patriarchy, perhaps I'll be flooded with positive messages from women designers who were at Melbourne Fashion Week saying they feel the new gender identity affirmation is wonderful for everybody, especially women.

Perhaps women feel nothing is being appropriated from our culture? And perhaps other women feel we should be kind and polite to this very "vulnerable" group of non sexed people because we might hurt their feelings...?  (In Australia the levels of violence experienced by trans or non binary identifiers is insignificant to that suffered by women) 

I wish they'd stop demanding we care about their desire to display their interpretation of femininity. Go away and play with your own friends and stop pretending you're more important than women and displacing women in places where we deserve equal representation. 

As for all the non binary emperors at Melbourne Fashion Week - no type of non sexed human has ever been recognised in any culture ever so why is this necessary now? Asking us to believe a person is a golumphant is just as credible. 

It would be simpler to say something understood by everybody “I’m a man who likes cross dressing and I demand everybodys attention”

Sunday 14 November 2021

refuse to wear it


Melbourne Fashion Week is asking everybody to pretend the emperor has no clothes too. 

         Deni Todorovic says he is non binary and we all have to pretend he is neither man or woman.


I listened to a podcast today about children who have Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) that was instigated from child sexual abuse. 

Radio National podcast: Dissociative Identity Disorder

I wonder if there are parallels with encouraging children to dissociate from reality when it is insisted that a man must be addressed as a woman, and IS a woman, when that person is obviously male?

Men who self identify as female, who call themselves trans women or non binary, demand that everybody has to believe that they are no different from a woman with breasts, vagina, cervix and uterus. That they are no different from females who went through puberty when our bodies were awash with estrogen and other hormones that activated our menses. 

By saying the magical mantra "I identify as a woman" or I am "non-binary" they are entitled to use the spaces designated for women. 

As you can see from information provided by Instagram influencer Schuylar Bailey (followers = 336,000) being a trans woman or non binary doesn't mean that those people have altered their physical bodies in any way trying to resemble women. They can be fully intact male sexed bodies. Through saying the magical mantra the rest of society is being compelled to buy into the charade lest we be reviled as not nice women, haters, transphobes and bigots.

I'm not saying I want trans/non binary ppl to adopt the outward appearance of the sex they want to mimic - not at all. I have no concern whatsoever what they want to wear or how they choose to alter their bodies by surgeries - if they are consenting adults over 18 that is their choice.

I just want them to stop trying to coerce the rest of the world into believing they have actually trans-formed into the opposite sex. Its not possible to change a male body into a female body. It is only possible to perform a simulacrum of it.

Performing the pretense of biological sex change should not entitle these men to appropriate the sex based rights of women and girls.

If you encounter a transwoman using womens toilets or changerooms tell them their presence makes you uncomfortable and you'll wait outside until they leave. If you happen to be with a girl don't pretend to the child that that person is a female.

Why Gender Ideology is not the new Civil Rights Frontier