Friday 4 October 2013

Celebrate India! new clothing series

"I've never really understood why women are so timid. For me, only someone with a powerful look -- Diana Vreeland, say, or Minnie Mouse -- is a person worth emulating. Because -- and here is a big secret -- if you construct an eccentric look and make it your own, you will be forever insulated from the world of fashion, a place where, let's face it, you can never be lissome enough, your hair never curly (or straight) enough, your chest never full (or flat) enough. And here's an added bonus: Truly wacky style doesn't date, so all those worries about wrinkles leave you blissfully unaffected. " – Lynn Yaeger

I acknowledge nicking that quote from another designer I admire and follow - Helen Carter of New York label "Secret Lentil" who has that quote in her etsy shop.

I just couldn't work out a way to sum up my own philosophy better.

I describe my personal "style" as a mashup of hippie, bohemian, tribal/eastern/ethnic. alternative arty with a bit of goth thrown in.

My lust to possess wonderful textiles took me on a solo backpacking tour of Nepal and India for a couple of months in 2001. I collected about 200 kilos of sarees and embroideries that I imported back to Australia at greater cost than my return airfare! What a delight that the internet has shrunk the world in the last decade and I can now sit at home in my PJs and buy gorgeous stuff that gets delivered to my door in a week or 2.

I've just been going through an "eastern" phase and bought 18 fabulous silk and cotton sarees that I'm remaking into womens casual wear.

These are the first of my creations, you can see more views, descriptions and the prices over at my etsy shop....

close up of a bodice on a dress that I've appliqued and stencilled

the full length dress with exquisite printed and embroidered vintage silk saree fabric in the skirt

a crepe de chine silk dress with beautifully embroidered bodice

a shift of printed silk georgette, light as feather, perfect for Summer wear

Sunday 29 September 2013

Happy 100th blog birthday!

Today I'm posting my 100th blog! The first was back in December 2011 so have managed to average about 1 a week since then.

Today is another special birthday....My etsy shop "Boho Banjo" is up and running now and featuring 16 of my original clothing designs. There is another half dozen more garments to put into the shop in the next few days.

I invite all my readers to have a look and let me know what you think! Either click on the url in red in the paragraph above here or the Boho Banjo graphic on the sidebar to the right. Please let me know if you have any problems linking or viewing the website. Also any comments or feedback are most welcome.