Saturday 28 July 2018

Zambeesi Jacket

Here's pictures of the "Zambeesi Jacket" which will be my next pattern to publish.  I was hoping it might be finished in a week but now I'm doubting it. Monday week I'm due to have surgery on the cataract in my right eye. I wish it were tomorrow as my sight has become so challenging it's getting  harder and harder to do the work that needs to be done. I had to stop beading 2 months ago because I couldn't see well enough. I'm just coping with sewing and stenciling but its gotten to the stage I know I'm not able do it to the usual standard. Seams are getting stitched all wobbly and I have to squint to make sure my paintwork is the right colour and density. Looking at the computer screen is giving me a literal pain in the neck as I have lean forward, squint and angle my glasses with one hand to get enough visual "clarity" to read and type......

Zambeesi, knit version

Zambeesi, denim and cotton fabrics salvaged from thrift shop clothing, stenciling

Zambeesi, this jacket a mixture of knit and woven fabrics, stenciling

back of the Zambeesi Jacket

This version of the Zambeesi Jacket is made entirely from a $5 bundle of upholstery scraps I bought from a thrift shop. There is enough fabric left over that I could make 2 more!

line drawings for the Zambeesi Jacket at present I can't predict when I'll get the Zambeesi Jacket published except that if all goes well with the cataract surgery my eyesight should be vastly better by the middle of August so perhaps it will be by the end of that month.