Saturday 6 January 2018

bead fiddler

For the last month I've been making at least one pair of seed bead earrings in the evening while watching TV. In Winter I like to knit or crotchet but handling seed beads when the temps are 30C+ is much more sensible. I've also been doing a whole bunch of sashiko stitching on wearable garments but pictures of those are for a blog another day.

All these are for sale ranging between AUS$30 to $45, except for the african inspired ones which are $75.

seed bead earrings by Pearl Red Moon 2018

variety of seed besd earrings by Pearl Red Moon 2018

african inspired seed bead earrings by Pearl Red Moon 2017

variety of seed beads earrings by Pearl Red Moon 2017

Monday 1 January 2018

Happy 2018 to all from Pearl

Happy 2018 to all!
Approaching my 6th decade I've had a few of these celebrations in my life so I'm happy to leave the partying to young people. I enjoyed a quiet night at home with my husband watching the Sydney fireworks on TV and beading a pair of earrings.
I have at least 50 items made in the last months of 2016 that have never been shown on the blog. No hope of ever catching up but here is an eye pendant made last week. The eye is free motion embroidered and surrounded with several rows of beading.

a close up of the pendant, approx 7cm long x 5cm wide

I made a little run of 5 of these, all slightly different and with different colour beads. AU$55 each if you want to buy one! I will never get around to listing them in the Etsy shop like 93 other things....

The Marama Coat PDF sewing pattern is now available in my online shops if anyone wants to plunge into their first project of the New Year...

Perhaps my New Year resolution should be to try to keep up with showing more things I make...?

cover of Marama Coat