Thursday 13 April 2017

Marama Jacket

Last month I was all enthused with the "Rings of Saturn" dress and did a whole lot of work on beginning to digitise the design for publication. ever....I got side tracked by the excitement of creating a new pattern and whipped up a shirt, then a jacket. The Jacket was so good I decided to rearrange the publishing schedule to do the jacket first, then the shirt and finally, go back to complete the Rings of Saturn. That lot should keep me occupied until the end of June or long as I can keep disciplined enough to stop myself wanting to do something new....

I don't have a jacket or coat in my catalogue of designs, so I used that argument to justify abandoning Rings of Saturn. A lot of my blog readers are in the northern hemisphere and may not realise we are at the beginning of Winter in Australia so my thoughts are turning to cosy wear and the need to stock my little atelier with clothes more suitable for cold weather.

These are the first samples for the Marama Jacket

the print on the left and right side fronts is one of my original designs and available at Spoonflower. For this jacket it is printed on linen. The fabric is called "Green dress, red roses" and this is the link to it in my Spoonflower shop -

reversible Ponte knit,  stripe one side, spot the other

The Jacket will have options for button closures or these arty ties

Marama at the back has 4 outside darts that make lovely shapeliness to the back

Marama Jacket in an ethnic referenced  heavy woven cotton  

The design is heavily influenced by my love of Asian style, with its asymetric hemline and crossover front. On the left side front there will be options for 1, 2 or no pockets. The picture doesn't show it well but the black and white Ponte jacket is a 2 pockets version. The pockets are huge, overlaid on each other and the top openings slant upwards diagonally.

I've found this design very gratifying to work on at a creative level and look forward to publishing it to see how other makers will interpret.