Friday 27 December 2019

May you live in interesting times, here comes 2020

Happy Christmas everybody.
May 2020 be a wonderful year for everybody.

A number of kind and concerned readers have contacted me to find out why I don't blog much lately. I am well, just still in a state of outrage over the appropriations of ChicV. They obviously watch what I show on this blog and feel entitled to steal whatever they fancy might make them $$$.


I do have to move on because so much energy has been wasted on trying to stop it. If I could stop using Facebook, Instagram and Paypal I would....these companies don't uphold copyright laws and their complicity in enabling the scammers makes them culpable.

In early March 2020 I'll be having an exhibition at Newcastle Art Space. Imaginatively titled "Thirty Coats".

This is my current work in progress

The face is hand painted and measures approximately 28 x 38cm. The headdress is applique, the fabrics of the neck and shoulders are more hand painting and stenciling.
The coat fabric is cotton/polyester from a used, salvaged doona cover and all the other fabrics are also sourced used from thrift shops.

This kind of image has been very consistent in my art for decades. Below are paintings from 2006 and 2014.

2006, mixed media and acrylic on board. Pearl Red Moon

2014. mixed media and acrylic on canvas. Pearl Red Moon

I used the painted image of the Green Woman to make a digital image that I had printed on fabric and used to make some garments.

digital image from my painting that was printed on fabric 

Tunic I made using the Green Woman image. The stripe and spot fabric was also designed by me, intentionally using colours that coordinated with the face print. Made in 2015