Tuesday 28 May 2019

my imperial opinions

I just can’t keep my sticky beak out of business where it’s been made perfectly clear that no one wants to know my dumbass opinions….but then I read shit that really makes me mad…

Scrolling on my Instagram feed tonight I read a post where another sheila is beating herself up over western cultural imperialism. She is appalled that terrible white people who think they are so superior to the Japanese are using that word kimono to make a mockery of the garment. She was so full of mea culpa if a bed of nails had appeared before her she would have leapt on it.

One of the things that drives me crazy about these virtue signallers craving to make sanctimonious martyrs of themselves by dragging around the cross of western imperialism is that they don’t know their history or facts. So quickly do they want to make a big flashy appearance with neon flashing lights on the band wagon of being so culturally holier than thou that they overlook some very embarassing facts.

For example – the western “Imperialist” empire. I presume this is a vague gesturing to Great Britain. American feminists seem to love the term though the United States never had a colonial Empire. By the turn of the 20th century the British colonial empire was a diminishing rump compared to its peak 50 years earlier. It’s only significant possession was India and India was already moving decisively toward home rule (independence achieved in 1947). The only Asian colony Britain ever had was the 100 year lease over Hong Kong. So when American feminists scourge themselves with guilt for “imperialist” cultural crimes I find it an absurd argument on these grounds – 1) as Americans they’re not referring to any empire created by America 2) the British Imperial Empire was virtually finished 120 years ago.

So these gals are running around beating their chests and begging forgiveness for the actions of some possible British ancestors four or five generations ago.

Lets examine the imperialist heritage of Japan.

Modern day Japan now has a constitutional monarchy with no real political power but prior to WW2 it was ruled by an Imperial dynasty who did have political power and an army loyal to the royal family. Japan first sent its Imperial Army into mainland China in 1931 to capture territory. It entered the Second World War as an ally of Germany in 1941 after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbour. From 1941 until defeat and surrender in August 1945 the Japanese Army proceeded to invade and occupy Hong Kong, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia (plus some more small territories such as Malaysia and Singapore, +). These countries were only unoccupied due to Japans defeat. During the war Japan wasn’t invaded or occupied.

So in conclusion, who has the most relevant history as an “imperialist” nation – Japan or the USA? 
I do wish those American feminists would put away their scourge whips and stop scarifying themselves. Your "imperialist" baggage is a coin purse compared to Japans trunk.

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