Monday 27 May 2019

how to end abortion

A brilliant article by Gabrielle Blair in the online publication Medium.

My response:
Nailed it. Preventing the irresponsible dissemination of sperm is the crux of how to avoid the trauma of unwanted pregnancy. A manifesto of compelling sense. By social contract children and adolescents are vaccinated to protect them and the community against disease. Boys and girls aged 12-13 are currently being vaccinated with the HPV vaccine which is speculated to almost wipe out HPV related cancers (cervical cancer primarily) within a few generations. I suggest herding off the boys after their jab and giving them a reversible vasectomy. If vasectomy was intended to be reversible the surgery would quickly be calibrated to be the equivalent of turning a tap on and off as desired. 
The soundtrack for this procedure should come from the 1983 Monty Python film “The Meaning of Life”
Every Sperm is Sacred

DNA profiling will make it possible to apprehend any male who creates an unwanted pregnancy. They can be made to take responsibility for the situation they created. Permanent vasectomy could be the consequence for repeat offenders.

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