Tuesday 28 May 2019

last slow makes for May

two beaded bracelets by Pearl Red Moon

Pictures of 2 bracelets I've been beading over the last 3 days.Though its been unseasonally warm for May here in Murrurundi it's still been cold enough to have the combustion fire burning.

combustion fire in the Swansborough-Moon lounge May 2019

That is my seat on the left. This is obviously taken the afternoon after the cleaner did her magic....normally my chair looks like some high ground surrounded by a sea of beads and fabric.

I made the bracelets completely, including constructing the flexible armature the beads are stitched to. I'm so chuffed with how well the armature works that I'm thinking of publishing a little tutorial outlining how to make them. The beads are stitched with back stitch to the cloth covered surface. The armature is flexible enough easily open up to 10cm(4") to be placed on the wrist but will close and retain the circular shape when squeezed shut. The bracelet still needs a strong closure and for that I've used a large brass parrot clasp and ring. The bracelet body is tubular and can be made to any circumference. The body is too firm to squash but a sewing or beading needle will easily pass right through it.

In the last picture above you can see how the bracelet on the left is unfinished, the beading needle and thread is still stuck into it. The surface has been wrapped with a wide strip of stretch material. The properties of the stretch fabric are perfect for this - tension on the strip when wrapping it around will mean the cloth conforms perfectly smooth to the surface, it is non fraying, extremely durable, washable and knit fabric in an endless spectrum of colours is freely available everywhere. No problem to use a piece recycled from a used garment. The bit of blue running stitch was just to mark the borders of my beading. On the inside, against the wrist, I'll sew a bit of ultra suede.

The bracelets are for sale. AUS $150 each, including postage to anywhere in the world. Payment by Paypal only. pm me if you're interested to discuss.

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