Friday 23 March 2012

more backwards with crutches

On wednesday the orthopedic surgeon operated on my ankle and put in a supporting plate and screws. I suppose this will be good in the "long run" (sick pun) for getting the bones to mend. I just hate being back on crutches, it is so limiting and difficult to get anything done. Some things like gardening are completely out the question! Rodney is being his usual positive self (we are a good balance, me always being the half empty part of the glass and he always insistent it's half full) and my saintly beloved cooked us roast chicken with veges and malaysian style sago dessert last night. So we aren't starving at this point. I did have to explain to Rodney I was merely using the crutch to point out where items were in the kitchen rather than threatening him with it....

I didn't get out of bed until 11am this morning and are trying to shake the despondency of having 90% of the things I want to do made very difficult to impossible. In the last 48 hours I've felt totally exhausted more from the effects of the morphine than the relatively low trauma operation, I think. I seem to have lots of adverse reactions to it like migraine headdaches and vomitting (3 times)....yuck!

Reminding myself of the glass half full - the surgeon did say I don't have osteoporosis, so at least thats not what caused the disunity issue with my bones. Except for being able to rule out some possibilities like diabetes and the former he said he had no explanation what the basis of the problem might be.

With the dry weather of the last week I'll be able to get down the back yard to the studio, as the ground will be firm enough to use the crutches safely. During that really wet part of early March the ground became so saturated the crutches would sink down several inches. I can still sit to paint or sit at the sewing machine to work on my art -so theres another glass full issue to celebrate in that I didn't break the right ankle or I wouldn't be able to use the sewing machine! Hooray!

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