Tuesday 20 March 2012

one step forward....then another back!

After making that blog post this morning I went up to Tamworth for another X-ray and inspection of my ankle this afternoon. It is still not mending (after 2 months) so much to my surprise the osteopath asked me to come back to hospital tomorrow to have surgery. Apparently he will put in some temporary screws to encourage it to knit back together.

So...bahh-gaah! no art today and none tomorrow either. I may have to stay overnight after the surgery so possibly won't be home till Thursday afternoon.

I did make a start on a new work yesterday, as above. The face has been painted. The figure will eventually be trimmed back to be mounted on the canvas behind it which is painted a pale metallic gold. It was inspired by one of the famous masks created by W T Benda in the 1920s. This iconic face has appeared in hundreds of photographs throughout the 20th C. After painting the face I was playing around with fragments of textile embellishments from my collection, trying to decide how to finish the work. The pieces that are shown in the picture below I had initially rejected but when I showed Rodney he really liked them and urged me to use them.

I was reluctant to use these pieces because I often judge my work as too pretty pretty. I really wanna be more surrealistic and gothic!!!....waaahhhh!!

I'm referring to this one as "the golden collar" at the moment.....but are open to alternate suggestions as usual!

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