Saturday 24 March 2012

Golden Pierrot

detail from "Golden Pierrot"

Having overcome my fugue of yesterday I've gotten back to work. Such a gorgeous Autumn day! I feel better physically, the tiredness has gone. Beloved husband put March Girl on a stretcher so that work is now ready to be hung in the Gallery.

The work in progress has been renamed "Golden Pierrot" and the original background, intended to be pale metallic gold has been overpainted with black. The intention is to paint quite a complex picture of a gothic archway framing the figure. The picture shown is a detail, there is quite a lot of space surrounding the figure at the sides and above the head.

Rodney and I are off to celebrate Tess Hynes 30th birthday tonight. Happy BIRFDAY TESS!!!! So long as I don't indulge in too much champagne and are hangover free for tomorrow theres a good chance I could finish it. I'll be attending in the wheelchair, not taking crutches, so should keep safe from over enthusiastic revelry on my part or others!

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