Saturday 21 January 2012

The feathering of Plumage

torso and headdress

the whole figure

Progress today was good. The background had several layers of colour applied and the figure was shaded in a bit more. I started stitching the headdress piece into place.

In the picture of the whole canvas on the right you will see there is a piece of textile pinned into place over the lower part of the figure and I'm presently considering whether to apply this. It will be fairly challenging to incorporate it as I'd want to integrate the colours a lot more with the headdress, so that would mean trying to bring in some of the bright pink. I also feel I'm straying a little from my theme of "Plumage" and will be giving some thought to how I can introduce in the next stages of work some features that allude to flight, feathers or wings. I am thinking of making that big area beyond the right arm into the suggestion of a wing.....

I had thought of putting a beak onto the face....but "chickened out" hahaha.... as I didn't have the confidence in my ability to bring off successfully such a surreal element in the work.

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