Wednesday 18 January 2012

feathers and frisson


fragments laid onto figure

After work yesterday there was very little time to do much in the studio. I got out some of my "fragments"  and moved them around the surface for inspiration. The picture on the left shows some of the pieces pinned to the work. I really liked the piece which was put onto the head, it is the cut off end of a felted scarf I made, which is why there is fringing. The fringes could be spread round at different angles around the head, to simulate the idea of movement, one of the ideas I wanted to capture in this work. I really like the colours too - bright chartruesey green, hot pink and plum. Those colours will become the basis of the composition.

The fragments pinned to the bottom didn't give me that necessary "frisson" of excitement so they will go back  onto the pile and the headdress piece will be the one used for the colours and developing more textiles to embellish the work.

I hope to have some time this afternoon to paint the face and background colours!

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