Friday 20 January 2012

will fly tomorrow!

No art happening in the last few days, I have been at work.

This is a picture of "The Dancer". A cloth figure from 2002, it measures about 58 cm in height. The body is an embellished, stitched piece of textile made by me. It is armatured with wire and stuffed and set into a wooden stand. The face is not sculpted by me and is absolutely the only doll I have made of hundreds that I didn't sculpt the face for. "The Dancer" had existed for about 4 years until I bought the face during one of my teaching trips to the USA in 2006 and attached it to the figure. The glazed stoneware face is made by American sculptor Diane Brieglieb who has been reproducing this iconic face in thousands of variations for 25 years. I have collected a dozen or so of her faces over a decade but this is the only one I have used in my art.

Tomorrow I look forward to having a couple of days to fly with Plumage...!!!

Helsinki Cathedral Oct 2011
see website: here
WOOOHOOO!!! Look at this incredible feat of needlework! This is stitch porn to be drooled over by stitcherbators the world over. More to be revealed about guerilla stitchers in future blogs....!!??? Keep your fingers poised in anticipation.....

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