Friday 30 December 2011

(nearly) swept away!

aaarrrghh!!! embarassing! This morning I had to do some "real" work (as in what pays the mortgage and puts food on the table) and set off in the car. I live in a very small rural village and our settlement is cut in half by the Pages River and 2 of the 3 streets which join it together require driving across fords. One is raised and concreted and the other is a rather more perilous proposition, being just water flowing over loose rocks. During  heavy or prolonged rain the fords are closed off as the rising water makes them too dangerous to cross and we have to fall back to using the one street which connects the town. We haven't had any rain for days and I crossed the safer concreted ford and noted that the water was low so a half hour later I decided to take the shortest route to where I needed to go and cross the rocky ford.....

UHHH-OOHHH!!! cringefully bad decision as the car tyres began to spin in the loose rock and I found myself stuck in the middle of the ford. I did what all women do when in a dicey predicament with a car and rung my husband who came down in a few minutes and had a bit of a chuckle at the sight of a frightened and redfaced me in the middle of the river. Fortunately the water was very shallow and I was able to walk out without being in the least bit of danger. We called the road service but didn't end up needing them as a helpful local council worker who had been roadside mowing saw what had happened and called his fellow worker who had a 4x4drive and a tow chain. I was out and on blessed dry ground again within 10 minutes. My only injury being a serious case of embarassment.....

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