Thursday 29 December 2011

bead adornments made by me

Yesterday I overpainted the face with oil paint and this is what was done after a couple of hours. If the paint is set up enough tomorrow and I'm able to handle the canvas I'd like to continue with more stitching directly into the surface.

I didn't have time to do any experimental work with my tentative idea of a new work on the theme of "plumage".

 Today I'm doing a little beadwork to finish up some adornment pieces I want to put into the gallery along with items that were put on display yesterday. Here are pictures of two necklaces that are in the gallery and for sale. The one with the blue dichroic glass pendant is $350 and the one with the spotty lampwork bead is $180.  Both are tubular cellini spiral, a technique of freeform peyote stitch which is one of my favourites.

They are beautiful and unique pieces that I regard as wearable art. The blue/turquoise one took about 30+ hours to make and the green one about 18 hours. The handmade lampwork bead it features cost $40. Obviously these pieces are made as a labour of love! I can rarely sell them for prices that represent any sort of adequate compensation  for the cost of materials or hours of labour that go into them.

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